Wall Derangement Syndrome

I hate to speak about this issue so close to Christmas but it must be addressed because people are acting like lunatics over it. In typically leftist fashion, they’ve framed the argument in such a way that supporting the advancement of a border wall would automatically make you a racist. The other irony behind the leftist opposition to the wall is that they’re suddenly concerned about fiscal responsibility. Let me understand this correctly, leftists are righteously fighting the war against President Trump’s five billion dollar wall because of their dedication to fiscal conservatism and racial tolerance? Color me skeptical, particularly when leftists are consistently campaigning for policies that would virtually bankrupt this country further. To get some perspective on how little five billion dollars is by comparison to the largest financial liabilities America presently needs to pay, check out our national debt in real time.

Unless Trump is planning on spray painting racist epithets on the side to insult would-be border-hoppers, this wall is not racist. Walls are constructed by sovereign countries to protect their land from unwelcome guests. It’s not a hard concept to comprehend even if you disagree with the building of the wall. Border walls have been used throughout history as an effective measure to promote security for those contained within them. Attaching racism as the motive of the wall would denote that all border walls everywhere are racist by their very existence, which is an absurd proposition. The reason racism is being claimed in this case is because President Trump is the one pushing for it and leftists will vehemently oppose President Trump by any means necessary.

It wasn’t that long ago where bigshot leftists like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and many other mainstream Democrats supported a border wall as an effective measure to, in Obama’s words, “help stem the tide of illegal immigration.” What changed between the time where Democrats were in support of this policy and now? President Trump. President Trump has changed the political atmosphere in this regard because his primary campaign promise was to “BUILD THE WALL!” Leftist Democrats see this moment as an opportunity to deny him this one chance to get the wall built and essentially secure the Democrats a huge win going into the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s base will be disheartened that he couldn’t deliver what he promised and the Democrats will be victorious in denying Trump what he campaigned on. Their opposition to Trump’s wall isn’t fueled by a legitimate concern about the wall’s effectiveness. There is no disputing that the wall would be effective in helping “stem the tide of illegal immigration.” The leftist opposition is fueled by politics. If leftists can deny Trump a huge political win, they are more likely to be successful in 2020 in the Presidential election.

This is a sad reality. Leftists are more concerned with their own political advancement by obstructing good policies rather than concern themselves with the benefits that good policies would have on their constituents. The leftist opposition is failing to provide a legitimate reason for why their opposition is grounded in reason and evidence. They’ve failed to show adequate evidential justification for why they generally used to support a border wall and now adamantly reject it. They’ve not refuted the abundance of evidence showing that walls are effective in securing sovereign borders. Historically, border walls have shown to be largely effective in their design. We’ve seen examples of this in San Diego where their sector of the border wall reduced infiltrations by 95%. Similar results were found in Israel and their border wall alongside the West Bank. Are the leftists going to go out on a limb and call Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, Spain, and Norway racists for developing border walls to “stem the tide of illegal immigration” from Middle Eastern refugees?

The United States has an obligation to its citizens, as a sovereign nation, to provide protections from those within the wall. We must have a secure border so we can better regulate who enters our country for the purposes of safety. America has been a nation of immigrants and we will continue to allow for people to immigrate to America. However, America has the sovereignty to closely monitor who we welcome and how we invite them in. America has no obligation to globally invite every member of earth into its borders. There are national security, cultural, economic, legal, and political implications on America if immigration were mishandled. That is why a strong border allows us the foundation to begin conversations about how to handle the present day illegal aliens presently within America and how to handle those that cross the border illegally in the future. Without the border, we can’t substantively have discussions about any of these other solutions.

Why “The Conservative One”?

The start of any writing endeavor requires a fair bit of thought. For me, I wanted to start with a name that had meaning behind it. I thought for too long and then forced myself in a couple seconds to write down the first thing that popped into my mind, The Conservative One.

Why ‘The Conservative One’? I wasn’t sure at first. However, the more I thought about it, the more it began to make sense. Over the years, I’d always been the most politically informed among all my friends. I do have friends that are interested in politics but they aren’t conservative by any measure. In my circle of friends that I have had over the years, I was always referred to as the ‘conservative one’. Everyone knew that I was conservative because I’d interject conservative thought whenever I could. They’d just tolerate me briefly, let me say my peace, and move onto the next stupid topic.

Ironically, I was a much more liberal thinker (if you want to call it that) before starting my graduate studies in business. My economics professor, who also happened to be a pastor, helped me understand the basic principles of economics and how the implementation of free-market economics is the best vehicle for bringing the largest amount of people out of poverty. This class gripped me to the point where I couldn’t stop reading books about it. Then I started diving into books about the makeup of government, the Constitution, American history, and even philosophy and theology. By the time my MBA was completed, I was a hardcore conservative.

Throughout my MBA, I’d become passionate about theology, Christian apologetics, and philosophy through a number of different conversations I had with non-believers and hundreds of books I read to prepare for better dialogue. I enrolled in a Masters of Biblical Studies program shortly after graduating with an MBA. After two years of graduate level education in Biblical studies, I further understood the basis for my conservative Christian worldview.

After roughly nine years of constantly studying topics related to business, politics, and theology, I found little interest in talking about sports. I was ‘the conservative one’. The downside to being the ‘conservative one’ is that you’re constantly told that you shouldn’t talk about politics and religion. I disagree with that sentiment. I feel that since this arbitrary rule was mystically enacted, people have forgotten how to discuss these topics with grace and civility.

As the ‘conservative one’, I’m happy to voice my opinion anytime with anyone about anything. I am informed enough about these issues where I don’t have to resort to hostility when I feel uncomfortable. I encourage you, the reader, to be ‘the conservative one’ in your group of friends and family. Read books, watch lectures, talk to people who agree and disagree, be gracious and kind in discussion yet firm and assertive when necessary. The Lord tells us to “love our enemies as ourselves.” That is tremendously difficult but we would be no better than the fools who slander our names over a mere disagreement. Anyone can be ‘the conservative one’, not just me.

The Conservative Campaign Commences

Conservative voices like Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan, Steven Crowder, Charlie Kirk, Matt Walsh, Dennis Prager, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and many others began with a small voice and rose to prominence by speaking truth in the face of falsehoods and converted hundreds of blinded Leftists to a more informed way of thinking. One cannot begin writing with the expectation of Ben Shapiro-like success immediately. One begins writing with the goal of communicating truth in a convincing and persuasive way. If success results, that’s a blessing however if success never comes I can rest without the regret that I didn’t try to make a difference in the marketplace of ideas.

I’m writing from the perspective of a white 30-something male Christian conservative. Essentially, I’m at the bottom of the diversity totem pole. Three girls, a wife, and a modest income. I’m the embodiment of what Leftists hate about conservatives. While I didn’t grow up in a luxurious household being handfed grapes by a peasant boy named Raul while sprawled out on a couch made of fine linen, but I did grow up in a middle income household in southern California and I never remember wanting for anything. I always had food, a roof over my head, two parents, reliable transportation, clothing, etc… After high school, I grew up and went to college and graduated with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Masters in Biblical Studies while simultaneously working full-time. What does all this say about me? My parents stayed together for most of my childhood, I graduated high school and college, I got married and had children, bagged a job, and I don’t rely on the government for assistance. My parents largely set me up for success by being there and once I had the opportunity, I was largely successful through being responsible and hardworking. Plus, I’m white. That obviously helped. **sarcasm implied** That is the backdrop of my writings. My personal commitment to writing content that is filtered through a sound Christian worldview will allow my writings to reflect truth and resonate with conservative audiences but hopefully challenge Leftists readers along the way.

Just in case there is any ambiguity, I’m editorializing on this page. My intention is not to “report the news” directly. While I may be communicating true information about current events, I’m interpreting the information in a way that is consistent with my Christian worldview in order to communicate the philosophical, political, and theological implications of the content contained within the story. So, yes, I’m heavily partisan. I’m not ashamed of that. I don’t feel all ideas are good. Some are good and some suck. I will be strongly advocating for a Christian conservative viewpoint and strongly against the Leftist one.

Lastly, I appreciate feedback. Feel free to troll, Leftists. Put your ignorance on display for the world to see. I get great enjoyment out of seeing a classic Leftist meltdown.