Reelection via Impeachment

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There is nothing like watching a terrible train wreck. The Democrats shown the ability to self-destruct so frequently and to such great effect, it’s almost like they’re colluding, if you’ll pardon the phrase, with the Trump campaign to get him reelected. They’re hatred has blinded them to the reality of perception. They’ve become deluded by their hatred for Trump and by their desire to reverse an election they were convinced they’d win.

Even before Trump won the general election, they were scheming from the shadows. FBI hacks Lisa Page and Peter Strzok coordinated in the dark to undermine an election. They called it an “insurance policy.” There’s a reason President Trump calls it the Deep State. These leftist hacks think they know better than we do how to run our lives. Someone like President Trump presents a threat to their approach to government. While he may have an ego the size of a small moon orbiting Jupiter, he doesn’t have the complex of an authoritarian dictator.

From the moment Trump won the presidency, the leftist Democrats have conjured up hoax after hoax to divert from the progress his presidency has made in such a short amount of time. Whether it be Stormy Daniels, tax records, Russia, or now Ukraine, the public didn’t give a damn because the evidence wasn’t present to support their accusations. With the MSM constantly supporting their leftist buddies in politics by running embarrassing hit pieces on the president, they’ve lost all credibility with those willing to rationally and critically think about what was being aired. Of course, the leftist knuckleheads who parade their lesbian dance theory degrees around will remain convinced that Trump is a crooked GOP fascist while not knowing what a fascist is.

Alongside all this nonsense with impeachment, Trump has been gaining a larger percentage of the black vote in recent months, thanks to people like Candice Owens, Kanye West, and the Blexit movement. The black community has thankfully experienced a positive impact from Trump’s economic policies to the point that many of them are starting to question the status quo. This is a tremendous blow to the DNC if the black community begins to realize that it wasn’t the GOP that was racist all along, it was the Democrats!

In sum, go right ahead, Democrats! Impeach the most accomplished president in recent memory through the most deceptive methods possible. Send it to the Senate where the GOP can adjudicate it further by calling people like Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Adam Schiff to testify. Let’s see who comes out looking silly once this is completed!


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