Why “The Conservative One”?

The start of any writing endeavor requires a fair bit of thought. For me, I wanted to start with a name that had meaning behind it. I thought for too long and then forced myself in a couple seconds to write down the first thing that popped into my mind, The Conservative One.

Why ‘The Conservative One’? I wasn’t sure at first. However, the more I thought about it, the more it began to make sense. Over the years, I’d always been the most politically informed among all my friends. I do have friends that are interested in politics but they aren’t conservative by any measure. In my circle of friends that I have had over the years, I was always referred to as the ‘conservative one’. Everyone knew that I was conservative because I’d interject conservative thought whenever I could. They’d just tolerate me briefly, let me say my peace, and move onto the next stupid topic.

Ironically, I was a much more liberal thinker (if you want to call it that) before starting my graduate studies in business. My economics professor, who also happened to be a pastor, helped me understand the basic principles of economics and how the implementation of free-market economics is the best vehicle for bringing the largest amount of people out of poverty. This class gripped me to the point where I couldn’t stop reading books about it. Then I started diving into books about the makeup of government, the Constitution, American history, and even philosophy and theology. By the time my MBA was completed, I was a hardcore conservative.

Throughout my MBA, I’d become passionate about theology, Christian apologetics, and philosophy through a number of different conversations I had with non-believers and hundreds of books I read to prepare for better dialogue. I enrolled in a Masters of Biblical Studies program shortly after graduating with an MBA. After two years of graduate level education in Biblical studies, I further understood the basis for my conservative Christian worldview.

After roughly nine years of constantly studying topics related to business, politics, and theology, I found little interest in talking about sports. I was ‘the conservative one’. The downside to being the ‘conservative one’ is that you’re constantly told that you shouldn’t talk about politics and religion. I disagree with that sentiment. I feel that since this arbitrary rule was mystically enacted, people have forgotten how to discuss these topics with grace and civility.

As the ‘conservative one’, I’m happy to voice my opinion anytime with anyone about anything. I am informed enough about these issues where I don’t have to resort to hostility when I feel uncomfortable. I encourage you, the reader, to be ‘the conservative one’ in your group of friends and family. Read books, watch lectures, talk to people who agree and disagree, be gracious and kind in discussion yet firm and assertive when necessary. The Lord tells us to “love our enemies as ourselves.” That is tremendously difficult but we would be no better than the fools who slander our names over a mere disagreement. Anyone can be ‘the conservative one’, not just me.

One thought on “Why “The Conservative One”?

  1. Anonymous

    Yes my dear grand-son, you are a conservative. As you said, your education had a lot to do with it but just remember, your dad is a conservative and your grand dad leans pretty hard to the right.. You come by it naturally. I love you! Papa

    P.S. I’ve been reading some your other Blogs; I’m happy to see you write. Your wisdom should be shared; you have a lot to offer.


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