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Replacing God with Government

With the start of Biden’s presidency, we’ll notice that Biden’s leftist policies will fall into place just like conservatives rightly predicted. Even Miss Cleo could’ve easily predicted it. Leftists are pretty predicable. They pretend to have reverence for the constitution while simultaneously defiling it. For example, below is a list of executive actions that Biden …

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The Left Redefined ‘Dictatorship’ for Trump

Dictators are a little quirky (i.e. homicidal) when people openly criticize them. It’s a little character defect, I suppose. Maybe their mommy didn’t hold them enough as a child. Maybe they failed art school. Shucks, who knows? Regardless, they seem to be so irredeemably insecure that they snap at the slightest whiff of criticism. Triggered …

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Abortion and COVID: Leftists Have a Moral Blind Spot

COVID-19 (i.e. China Virus) stopped the United States, and many other countries, dead in their tracks. Political pundits and leftist politicians portrayed this virus as the next apocalypse. They’d have you believe that life would never be the same again. We’d never be able to leave our houses, certainly NEVER without being muzzled by a …

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Climate Change Skepticism is Justified

In 2020, climate change skeptics are labeled “anti-science” if they voice their skepticism. Like being called a ‘racist, bigoted, homophobe,’ the left has used ad hominem attacks to demonize and silence dissenting thought. While I’m not scientifically opposed to the idea of “man-made” climate change, I’m not convinced that climate change is 1) catastrophic and …

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